Sprucing up some ruins

I recently acquired some Gale Force Nine Battlefield in a Box terrain which comes pre-assembled and pre-painted. I’ve just got round to unboxing the Blasted terrace piece and although it looks great out of the box, being a large piece it tends to look a little bit like a homogeneous grey block from a distance.

I decided to apply some flock to help break up the grey and also to try and blend it into the table a little more. I applied flock liberally around the edge of the base and then started working it into some of the nooks and crannies as well as other areas where grass and moss would tend to grow; such as the base of walls.

I carried out the work with the piece sat in a large roasting tray to catch the excess flock and make collecting it back up a little easier. The next step will be apply a light coat of matt varnish to the flocked areas to keep it all in place.

There may be scope to add a few puddles or apply some lighter highlights in a few places but I don’t want to make it too ‘busy’.

If you have any suggestions for further improvements, let me know in the comments.