Introducing Our Players: Tim

After a wargaming hiatus of around 15 years, a work colleague pointed me in the direction of a local club (BDAWC). One of the regulars was gracious enough to let me control a few units of Ghar during a Xilos campaign mission. The rules were fairly easy to pickup and provide plenty of tactical variation with the random unit order, reaction and follow orders.

I’m hooked by the background of the Ghar Rebel Outcasts; the scrappy little race with big stompy battlesuits looking for revenge! They should provide plenty of hobby opportunity for armour patches and battle damage… and who knows, maybe some Braveheart inspired woad?

After the participation game I picked up the new Battle for Xilos campaign book (which includes the Rebel Outcast army list) and a couple of boxes of Black Guard (normal squad + command squad) and subsequently Commander Fartok and a Ghar Outcast squad. That will give me 4 tactical choices and bring the total to around 500pts with a few upgrades. I’ll also have the option of detaching the disruptor cannon team into it’s own unit for a little bit more flexibility.

I’m looking forward to getting it all unboxed and assembled and trying out a test paint scheme.